Cloud System

A Safe and secure cloud based System that is accessible anywhere!

Advanced IT

AVIXO is able to scale and get smarter with the latest features and connectivity.


Automatic SMS & Email notifications to patients!


Synchronized Connectivity

Allow Patients to make real time appointments 24/7 through your website and via

Digital Health Records

Advanced EMR system with customizable drawing & writing templates.

Smart Analytics

Quick & Easy report, graphing & statistics generation to give relevant and useful insights into your operations.


In What We Believe

Our Philosophy

Our Vision

Our History

We believe in listening to what our clients have to say first, before providing you with a solution. By keeping a close ear to the ground and understanding what our clients need, their pain points, and ways to improve business and patient care, we will be able to grow together. Healthcare solutions need to evolve to create better outcomes, and we intend to do this with the support of our client base, with their experience and advise. The post-digital age shows no signs of slowing down, and the need for new idewas powered by intelligent technologies. But a vision for the future can't be realized without know-how. We partner with our clients to drive real innovation - the kind that turns an idea into an industry - helping them transform for the better.

We want to bring healthcare solutions all under one roof within a closely knit, and yet secure and trusted ecosystem. To allow the proper and seamless engagement of patient and doctor encounters not just within the clinic walls, but also outside of them. Virtual care and continuity of care in the digital age will help reduce costs, improve outcomes, and lead everyone to healthier lives, while maintaining the proper networks between providers and healthcare professionals and their patients.

AVIXO CMS & EMR is a product of 65Doctor Pte Ltd, a Singapore based company operating in the digital healthcare industry since 2012. AVIXO has been in operation for over 3 years and has its roots in Doctor facing solutions, with an eventual extension to virtual patient engagement and online care. Operating in multi countries, our company has chosen to break down the barriers of traditional healthcare operations and culture, and help transform healthcare practitioners and companies into scalable resources for the future good of medicine. Founded by a well established Doctor, and aided by a team of medical advisors, our operational and technical backbone is strong and sound, but with an ever growing speciality in the field of healthcare.

what we do

Bring better Solutions to the World of Healthcare

We combine intelligent technology with medical expertise, to ultimately benefit society from within the healthcare industry, by empowering those who know how to prolong and extend life through best working practices.


IT Development

IT Development

AVIXO CMS & EMR for web & mobile


Patient Engagement

Patient Engagement

Connect with Patients virtually & seamlessly 24/7


Data Analytics

Data Analytics

Analyze data efficiently to achieve better outcomes