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How do I create an invoice if a panel paid in advance for body check-up for 4 pax, but the patients will come individually?

Situation 1: If the client had paid in advance and the invoice had been made, considered sales when accepting payment

  1. Create chit under correct panel/insurance as usual for each patient. 
  2. Invoice comment can be added as a remark.
  3. Go to Patient Registration Biodata and add remark under Important Patient Notes for each patient as well so it will popup when the patient is added to Queue

Situation 2: If sales considered only after rendering service, then a credit note could be used.  

However, the posted group invoice should be able to accept payment via credit note (this is not available at the moment but it is available for patient payment only). 

If many clinics are asking for this, we could always work on it to enable panel/insurance payment with credit notes. 

  1. To create a credit note for each patient, simply go to Invoice -> Credit Note. Add item with monetary value as the body check-up and click Save. 
  2. When the patient comes for a body check-up later, choose a credit note as the payment method. 
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