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How do I make a refund to a patient if one of the drugs doesn’t suit the patient?

To refund money if the patient wishes to return a prescribed medication, a credit note can be used. 

  1. Go to Invoice, click Credit Note on top.
  2. At the Credit Note page, click Add Credit Note.
  3. Select the patient in the popup window. Click Add Credit Note.
  4. Click Add Item at the top right corner. 
  5. Key in the item for refund, in this case, the medicine prescribed with the price in Total. Click Save.
  6. Add the item(s) to be refunded in the list and click Save at the bottom.
  7. Edit or Print as required by clicking buttons on the top right corner. 
  8. Credit notes can then be used for a refund directly or used as the payment method in the next transaction. For this case, to refund the money directly, click Add/Edit Refunds
  9. Select the refund method and amount, click Save.
  10. Complete refund by cash (in this case) will result in the remaining credit as 0. Then, proceed to drug stock adjustment.
  11. After adding the credit note stated, the drug stock needs to be adjusted manually. Go to Drug Inventory and click Adjust for the medicine refunded. 
  12. Adjust the quantity by selecting adjust type as INCREASE. Select the expiry date of refunded medicine and add a remark on the right column if necessary. 
  13. Click Save.
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