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How do I use credit note?

Credit note is meant for situations when the clinic owes customers money, which can be used for refund purposes.  

  1. Go to Invoices -> Credit note.
  2. Click Add Credit Note.
  3. Credit note can be issued to patient, insurance/panel or distributors according to purpose. Select accordingly and click Add Credit Note.
  4. Add item with the price.
  5. Click Save.
  6. The credit note can be printed for customers’ copy or sent through email.
  7. Add/Edit Refunds if customers demand refunds in terms of money. 
  8. Select the payment method and click Save.
  9. Credit notes can also be used to pay for invoices. Select credit note over payment method when adding payment for an invoice.
  10. *Credit note will only appear as an option if a valid credit note is added to the patient of an invoice.
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