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What is Pharmacy Inventory? When and how do I use it?

The Pharmacy Inventory is meant to be used by clinics that would like to separate their larger stocks in-store with their stock at the dispensary counter. The Pharmacy Inventory and Drug Inventory are linked in the way that the Pharmacy Inventory acts as a ‘stock supplier’ on top of the Drug Inventory. 

For a more detailed guide, do refer to our main Pharmacy Inventory Guide. 

  1. General usage will begin with Create New Item.
  2. Fill up the details as in Drug Inventory. To link with existing drug under Drug Inventory, simply choose from the dropdown list over Use Drug Inventory, and the details will be imported and linked. 
  3. Fill in Stock Conversion Detail properly as it is important for stock transfer.
  4. Adjust drug as in Drug Inventory. Check the Stock Unit to avoid errors.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Stock transfer is for transferring stock from Pharmacy Inventory to Drug Inventory. Check the Transfer Quantity unit properly while transferring. 
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